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Boarding & Daycare Q&A

Boarding & Daycare Q&A

Q: Do all pets have to show proof of vaccination?
A: Yes! In order to maintain the safety of everyone here, all dogs must be up to date and show proof of Rabies, DHPP, & Bordetella and all cats must be up to date and show proof of Rabies and FVRCP.

Q: What do I bring for boarding?
A:Your dog (obviously), their normal food and medications, treats, as well as something small that reminds them of home. We do NOT need their bowls, beds that exceed twice your dog’s size, treats such as rawhide or anything similar, or a crate/kennel

Q: Can you give my pet it’s normal medicine?
A: Yes! We are able to give medication in any form up to 3 times per day.

Q: My dog came home from your facility very tired. What’s wrong?
A: Dogs exert extra energy when they’re with us. Similar to how you come home tired after vacation, dogs do the same! We call it the “doggy daycare hangover.” If symptoms are excessive and/or last for more than 48 hours, please consult with your vet

Q: My dog came home from your facility excessively thirsty and gulping water. What’s wrong?
A: It is very common for dogs to not be used to community water bowls like what we have in our daycare setting. While we show each pet where they are located and freshen water frequently, some dogs may be pickier than others. If this occurs, please let us know so that we may come up with another plan for your pet specifically.

Q: My dog’s paws are irritated after picking him up. What happened?
A: We have several different types of terrain including pea gravel, concrete, grass, and tile. If dogs aren’t used to different terrain, their paws may become calloused, irritated, or sore. If symptoms persist for more than 48 hours, please consult your vet.

Q: Do I pay at drop off or pickup?
A: Most people pay when they pick up. If something happens on your trip, just give us a call to extend your stay!

Q: What if I forget my pet’s food?
A: While we prefer your pet to stay on its normal food to prevent upset stomachs, we are able to provide our own kennel food for an additional fee if it becomes necessary.

Q: Can you accommodate a pet with special needs?
A: Absolutely! We are called All Breed for a reason! We welcome pets of any size, shape, and capability.

Q: How do you group dogs?
A: By size and by temperament. Meaning dogs will be grouped with dogs with similar size, age, play style, etc.

Q: What do they do in weather that is too hot or too cold?
A: We do have outdoor space, but we also have indoor space! As part of our two-acre property, we have several buildings, each with their own AC/Heating system for maximum comfort!

Q: What if my dog doesn’t do well with others?
A: That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve play time! We offer one-on-one sessions with staff as add-ons as well as enrichment add-ons to optimize your pet’s mental stimulation!

Q: What training does staff go through?
A: Each staff member goes through a 3 week training program implemented by management. Topics discussed are understanding body language, what to do in case of emergency scenarios, as well as how to safely handle pets amongst other things.

Q: Are your services the right fit for my intact or aggressive pet?
A: While we would love to accommodate every pet, sometimes your pet does better in other environments. Similar to finding the right daycare for your child, we recommend doing research to find the right facility for your pet and its needs.

Q: What happens if I’m not able to pick my pet up by the time you close?
A: Our staff is able to stay 20 minutes over the time we close ONLY with being called ahead of time. In order to accommodate staff staying late, we do charge a late fee of $1/minute. If we do not receive a call or it exceeds 20 minutes, we will automatically board your pet for the night at regular cost.

Q: Can you send me pictures?
A: Your pet’s health and safety is our number one priority. Due to busy schedules, we are not able to accommodate requests for individual pictures. However, we post the pictures we are able to get regularly to our Facebook page! Be sure to follow us there for pictures of your pet!

Q: Can I take a tour?
A: Yes! We like to schedule our tours to ensure everyone’s safety. Give us a call to book your tour!

Grooming Q&A

Grooming Q&A

Q:What does a daycare and groom appointment look like?
A:If your dog is down for a normal appointment, you will show up 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to discuss specifics. The groom will usually take around 4 hours so feel free to run errands or go home and nap. We will text you when your pet is done! If your dog is down for a daycare and grooming appointment, you will bring in your pet sometime between 7am-10am. Your pet will play like usual for the first half of the day and then get groomed during the second half of the day. You will pickup in between 5-6pm.

Q:My pet got groomed and it’s ears look irritated. Why?
A:Pet’s inner ears tend to be very sensitive. It is not uncommon for the grooming process to irritate the inner ear flap. Things like matting, ear plucking, and excess moisture can all be contributing factors. If your pet consistently has issues, please let us know so we can adjust our process!

Q:What if my pet has sensitive skin?
A:We have options! We can use a hypoallergenic shampoo at no additional cost to you as well as not using our finishing spray upon pickup. If your pet has a hair type that allows us to groom their potty patch, we can also use a longer comb attachment so be more gentle on the skin. Please let us know at drop off

Q:I got my dog’s anal glands expressed but they’re still scooting. Why?
A:There are two ways to express glands: internally and externally. We only express glands externally which may not get every last drop out if your pet’s glands are excessively full. If your pet is still scooting after we express glands externally, you may consider going to your vet to have them internally expressed.

Q:Why was there an additional charge?
A:Prices listed are base prices. Things like matting, behavioral fees, handling fees, or wanting certain patterns or flea/skunk shampoo can all add on to the cost of your pet’s groom. If you’re working with a certain budget, please let us know prior to your appointment and we will do what we can to accommodate your pet.

Q:What if I don’t want a certain part of the package I chose?
A:That’s okay! We can exclude any part of the package if it is not desired. However, our packages do include these services as a bundle.

Q:How long does an appointment usually take?
A:We typically ask around 4 hours for any grooming appointment. This give us enough time to go at your pet’s pace as well as take our time in getting all the fine details of your pet’s experience.

Q:What if I don’t want my pet to be there that long?
A:If your pet is anxious or if you cant bear to be away from them for the full time, we do offer express grooming for an additional cost.

Q:Do you groom cats?
A:We do! We require a deposit for any cat groom and can offer baths as well as shave downs for our feline friends.

Q:Should I bring anything with me to my grooming appointment?
A:Bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier as well as any updated vaccines we may not have and instructions on what you’re wanting for their appointment.

Q:What if I don’t know what hairstyle I want for my pet?
A:That’s okay, we can help! We offer consultations with our groomers as well as length charts to get a visual idea of how you want your pet’s hair to look.

Q:How often should I be bringing in my dog?
A:For nail trims, we usually recommend bringing your pet in monthly. For baths, 8-10 weeks is a good rule of thumb depending on how dirty your pet likes to get. For haircuts, every 6-8 weeks is ideal. The longer the hair, the more often it is recommended you come in to help maintain length!

Q:Do you have walk-in services?
A:We offer walk in services for nail trims/dremel, gland expressions, face/paw trims, or teeth brushing. All other services need to be scheduled in advance.

Q:How do you ensure everyone’s safety?
A:If a pet is showing signs of excess anxiety or irritability, our options include muzzling, adding a second person to help hold (which could incur an additional fee,) and/or ending the groom early for the health and safety of the pet. If you know your pet has tendencies to act out, we recommend discussing medication options with your vet prior to your appointment.

Q:Why does my dog need dental work if I’ve had you guys brush their teeth?
A:Teeth brushing helps to prevent plauqe and tartar build up on your pet’s teeth, but does not do anything for previous plaque or tartar that has calcified. Similar to how we need to see a dentist bi-annually for a cleaning, your pet needs the same from their vet.