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Let Us Treat Your Pet Like Family

Give your animals exceptional care in Evansville, Indiana

It's difficult enough saying goodbye to your pets when you leave, so leave them with a team that gives them the love and care they deserve while you're away. All Breed knows how important your best friend is, and treats every animal that comes through the door with respect and kindness. Our experienced staff understands that your pet is a part of your family, and we are dedicated to giving them a safe, loving and happy experience while they're our guests. Whether you need us to watch them for a day or a month, you'll find room for them at a great price and be able to rest easy knowing your animal is being well cared for. Make an appointment with All Breed to give your pets the best experience.

Maintain Your Pet's Health with Good Grooming in Evansville, IN

Pet grooming is more than just a luxury, it actually promotes good health. Having one of the experienced groomers at All Breed consistently keep up with your animal's coat is the best way to get routine checks for potential health issues. We'll examine your pet's ears for infection, check their skin for irritation and keep fleas and ticks at bay with regular treatments. Your cat or dog's groomer is your first line of defense in identifying potential problems and tackling them from the onset. We are capable of handling grooming services for canines of all shapes and sizes, and will give them the best groom at a great price. Schedule your pet's next visit today!

Give Your Animals the Love They Deserve

Have an Evansville, Indiana team of animal lovers

We know how much they mean to you, and they need care that reflects the love and support you give them at home. Our team has the experience and knowledge to deal with all ages, sizes and breeds of canines and felines, and we'll keep them well cared for and safe whenever you need our services. Bring them in for a quick clean up with our grooming professionals, or book them a room in a pet hotel they'll love. Call All Breed to see what we can do for you and your pets.

Email: allbreedsaccepted@gmail.com

Email: allbreedsaccepted@gmail.com