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All Breed offers a safe and fun environment for your pet to stay while you're on vacation, taking a day trip, or having people over. We strive to make your pet's stay safe and enjoyable by offering different areas to play and stay, enrichment add-ons for extra mental stimulation, and their own space to sleep at night all under the supervision of trained staff.

Things to know prior to booking:

All Breed is not accepting non-spayed or non-neutered pets at this time unless under 6 months old

We require a $20 deposit toward your boarding stay for any new clients to reserve your spot. Deposits may be refunded only if a cancellation is made 72 hours prior to your stay.

ALL pets must be up to date on vaccinations. Dogs are required to have Rabies, Bordetella/Kennel Cough and DHPP/DAPP and cats are required to have Rabies and FVRCP. Your reservation is not finalized until we receive vaccination records. These can be emailed, faxed or turned in personally. All records must be received at least 48 hours PRIOR to drop off to avoid any penalties.

Please call in advance for any boarding services! We fill up fast during the holidays and vacation season!

Take A Look At Our Boarding Servies:


$35/night, per dog (this includes daycare cost. On pickup day you will be charged $20 daycare fee - no matter time of pickup - charged because we do come in and care for your pet on pickup day)
For same day pickup, the charge is $20
Not accepting dogs that are not fixed


$20/cat per night
$15/cat per night (when you provide your own litter)

Add Ons/Extra Charges:

Early Drop Off: $2/pet from 6:30am-7am M-F

Late Pickup: $1/minute after closing. We will wait up to 30 minutes with advance notice.

Bed: $2/pet/stay

Enrichment Bowls: $5/each

Meals: $1/meal

Nail trim: $10/dog $20/cat

One on One time: $20/fifteen minutes

What to bring for boarding:

Food - You may bring ziplock bags or small bag versions of your pet's food.

Medication - Your pet's normal medication in it's original packaging.

Leave the rest up to us! We will provide bowls, bedding upon request, and a cozy place for your pet to snuggle in at night.


All Breed offers all sorts of different terrain for your pet to run and play on. Sometimes this can irritate new paws. If symptoms persist, please call your veterinarian. Additionally, if your pet is not used to being active, he/she may be more drowsy once they are home. If symptoms last longer than 48 hours, please call your veterinarian.

*We accept all pets regardless of breed, age, or ability*