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Make Sure Your Pet Looks And Feels Great With Constant Care And Maintenance!

Have your dog come and play all day and release some of that energy

All Breed offers a safe and fun place for your pet to stay while you're on vacation. We want to make sure your pet's time is enjoyable as well while you're having some fun in the sun!

We'll watch out for dogs and cats

We now have special spaces available for pets who prefer their own space for either medical, behavioral, or your preference as the pet owner(for an extra fee) 

Things to know prior to booking:

All Breed is not accepting non-spayed or non-neutered pets at this time unless under 6 months old

Boarding is $35 per night - on the day of pickup you will be charged the $20 daycare fee regardless of pickup time. This fee is charged because we still come in to care for your pet.

Clients booking for the first time with us for boarding, we require a $20 deposit toward your boarding stay (only refundable if cancelled 3 days prior to stay)

Late pickup charges of $1 per minute will apply after 6:00PM - we will wait up to 30 minutes as long as you have called in advance

ALL dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella and combination vaccine DHPP). Your reservation is not finalized until we receive vaccination records. These can be emailed, faxed or turned in personally.


Different types of terrain your pet will be playing on - grass, p-gravel, dirt and concrete. If your pet is not used to different surfaces their paw pads could be sore after stay.

If your dog is not used to being active and they stay with us for boarding, they could come home tired, sore or even lethargic. This is a normal reaction. If this behavior lasts more than 3 days, please contact your veterinarian.


Vaccination records


Food (appropriate food preparation packaging - Ziploc bags, dog food containers. Please do not bring dog's entire bag of food unless they are staying for an extended period of time.)

Bedding - blankets, dog beds, sheets (please bring appropriate size bedding dependent on size of dog's kennel. NO items with excessive holes as a safety precaution)

Please call in advance for any boarding services! We fill up fast during the holidays and vacation season!

Take a look at our boarding services:

$35/night, per dog (this includes daycare cost. On pickup day you will be charged $20 daycare fee - no matter time of pickup - charged because we do come in and care for your pet on pickup day)
For same day pickup, the charge is $20
Not accepting dogs that are not fixed


$20/cat per night
$15/cat per night (when you provide your own litter)


6:30 AM dropoff available by appointment $2
There will be a late pickup charge ($1 per minute after 6:00PM-we will wait up to 30 minutes with advance notice)

Clients booking with us for the first time for boarding, we require a $20 non-refundable deposit toward your total stay

Medications $1 dollar per dose (if dog will not take medication with their food)
Beds ($2) For entire stay
Meals ($1/meal)
Enrichment bowls ($5/meal)


*We accept Special Needs Animals: Medicine, Ailments, Disabilities, Etc.*